Project Description

Client: COCAL + Event Lab 2022

Event type: On-site Event

Plan contracted: KC Container App

Venue: Medellin, Colombia

Languages: Spanish

Event date: 03/14/2022 – 03/15/2022

Number of users: 400

Description: As part of the benefits of our app, the event featured the interactive program, the speaker profiles that will participate in each session, a networking space with all associates and colleagues who are at the event, achieving more effective feedback, all the news from sponsoring companies or institutions. Event Lab is an events laboratory that is constantly evolving, therefore, we find in this union with Cocal the ideal opportunity to demonstrate that it works and we believe that it will be the stage that will let us know what the future of the events industry will be like in Latin America in the post pandemic. A future where the success of events will depend on how willing we are to work as a team, make alliances and add capabilities. In other words, how risky are we to network?